Replace Google Analytics with privacy focused website statistics

If you or your website client needs an analytics tracking package that puts privacy first or needs to be compliant with recent EU rulings, I've got a solution for you.

A client came to us recently with a concern about privacy in the recording and reporting of their website visitors. Specifically, they wanted to get rid of Google Analytics and replace it with a different stats tracking service. Apparently, they thought Google was using their clients’ browsing data for nefarious purposes 🤔.

Well, I’m sure they weren’t completely wrong in that concern.

The solution we’ve been recommending lately is not as feature-rich as GA; it also doesn’t require a multi-year degree to use and understand at a professional level every time a new version is released.

Enter: Fathom Analytics

Fathom is a Canadian company and the data is stored on German-owned servers so it’s legal to use per the EU DPA ruling. It’s not a free service, but the pricing is quite reasonable for a commercial website and even better if paid annually.

You can manage multiple sites from one account and the UI is super-simple:

Fathom site management list

If you need to share the stats with other users, Fathom provides a share url and optional password:

You can also create simple events to track e-com goals or simulate a funnel:

I will admit that this is definitely a more simplistic stats service right now. It’s not going to fit the needs of everyone, but it will work just fine for quite a few website owners.

Fathom also has quite a few features on their roadmap, and their changelog is updated every month, so they are serious about becoming a strong competitor in the analytics space. For those needing a non-GA stats solution, check out Fathom.